Welcome to Google G-Suite

@ RVSchools.ab.ca

By signing into your RVSchools Google account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Google and the RVS "Responsible User Agreement". All permission forms required by your school must be signed prior to using these services. ( AF140-A Responsible Use of Technology Agreement - Student)

Student communication guidelines:

Student educational technology accounts are to be used for the following purposes only:

· Teacher-student correspondence, student to student correspondence, student to parent correspondence

· Accessing/submission of classroom assignments or materials.

· Creation of accounts for classroom web-based tools, such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.

· Correspondence with students/partners in collaborative class activities (e.g. pen pals).

· Posting and celebrating approved content

Students may not use educational technology accounts for:

· Unauthorized personal communication.

· Registering email addresses on unauthorized websites

· Bullying or harassment of other students.

· Forwarding of chain email, spam, or commercial content.

· Sending/ viewing inappropriate content or language.

Account security and safety. It is the responsibility of students to maintain the confidentiality of the student account information. Students will not share usernames, passwords, or other account information. Students will report any possible unauthorized use of their accounts or suspicious or threatening communication to school staff and /or parent immediately. Students will not use email to share personal information, such as full names, locations, family information, phone numbers, etc. Cyber-bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

The transmission of electronic files is also acceptable but these files must be virus free before being used in the school computers.

I understand that any violation of these conditions or rules may result in a suspension of privileges and/or any other disciplinary consequences deemed necessary by the school.

Google App's Domain (rvschools.ab.ca) controlled accounts are provided to Rocky View staff and students upon request and will be deleted after the student graduates or the staff member no longer is employed by Rocky View Schools.

(it is the responsibility of the account holder to transfer important files and contacts from their domain controlled account into a public account prior to leaving)